Host Resources

Interested in hosting an On the Table conversation but not sure what’s involved? These resources will give you everything you need to host a successful conversation.

Host Toolkit

Conversation Guides and How-Tos

  • Host Training Video – An easy way to stay up-to-the-minute on all the hosting how-tos.
  • Host Guide – Provides tips and advice for planning and hosting your On the Table event. Also offers general conversation prompts to help things flow smoothly.
  • General Conversation Prompt Cards – Individual sheets of the general conversation prompts to download and print for each guest at your table, if you choose.
  • Deeper-Dive Conversation Starters – Alternative sets of conversation prompts based around Poverty & Economic Mobility and Public Safety, two of the leading responses to the question “What are the three most important issues for your community to address?” in 2017 and 2018’s post-On the Table surveys.
  • Family Discussion Guide – A great way to share the On the Table experience with your family.
  • Youth Conversation Guide – Provides an array of lessons and ideas to help get conversations going in your schools or youth organizations.

Useful Materials & Follow-Up

Eventbrite Tutorial

  • Set up your public table via Eventbrite - If you’re hosting a public table, Eventbrite makes it easy for people to find you and register, and gives you a link to share as you publicize your table.

Guías de Conversaciónes (Próximamente!)

  • Guía de Conversación- Este guía de conversación ofrece consejos para planificar y organizar su evento On the Table.

On the Table Logos




Inspired by an On the Table conversation? 

Are you involved in a project or effort that's addressing an issue that bubbled up from an "On the Table" conversation? Feel free to use and share these logos on any materials you may be using to promote your effort!

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