Participating in On the Table is easy! We hope you'll join us as an individual host, a guest or Superhost in the fall of 2018.

1. Host

A host commits to hosting a conversation over breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee break or any time in between. The invite list is up to you – friends, family, colleagues, neighbors – and can be hosted in homes, restaurants, places of worship, libraries, offices, the break room at work or other community locations. The conversations can be sit down, catered, picnic, brown bag or potluck – it is entirely up to the host. Before the conversation, you'll receive a Host Toolkit with everything you need, including a conversation guide and easy ideas for taking action after your event. Everyone is welcome to serve as a host. 

Check back to this page regularly, we'll be opening host registration soon!

2. Guest

Many people will attend an On the Table conversation by receiving an invitation from an individual or organizational host. If you're interested in participating but don't have a host, we invite you to attend a public table! Public tables will be set up at various locations throughout Columbus. Please check back to this page regularly, as we'll have our public tables listed soon! We will continue to update the list as we near the initiative. 

3. Superhost

Superhosts are organizations — nonprofits, places of worship, businesses, schools, civic organizations and others — that commit to hosting at least 15 tables, 8 to 12 people per table. If this describes your organization, please contact us at 706-718-9565 or