On the Table Action Grant Application

This application cannot be saved. You will need to complete the entire application and submission at one time. For questions, contact the Community Foundation at OnTheTableChatt@cfcv.com or 706-718-9565.

Application Deadline: January 7, 2020 by 5p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Late, hardcopy or incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Please do not include any other forms or information other than what is required as outlined in the rules and the application. Applicants will be contacted if more information is needed.

  • Applicant Information

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  • Project Information

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  • Video

  • Please create a short video – no longer than 120 seconds – describing your project. Upload video to YouTube and provide the link below. Please note: Videos exceeding 120 seconds will not be considered.

    Your video should address the following:

    • What is the name of your project?
    • Briefly describe your idea and how you plan to make it happen.
    • How did your idea originate from your On the Table conversation?
    • Why is your idea important for your community?
    • If you will be partnering with other on this project, identify those partners and their role in the project.
    • Who will be served by your project? (Describe the population served, estimated size of your intended audience, neighborhood(s) served, etc.)
    • What does success look like for your project? 

    We encourage you to be as creative as you want in making your video presentation!

    If you need some help on uploading a video to YouTube, click here for tips on uploading from your computer, Android or iPhone/iPad.

  • Agreement and Terms

  • Submission of this proposal indicates your individual and/or your organization’s permission for Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley to ask people who are not members of the Community Foundation’s staff to review the proposal. Materials submitted to the Community Foundation as part of the proposal process will be used as the Community Foundation deems appropriate. They are not subject to any right of confidentiality unless specifically agreed to in writing by CFCV. Finally, submission of this proposal is your certification that all information submitted in the application process is your own work, factually true and honestly presented.

    Before submitting your application, please read the Rules of the On the Table Action Grants as well as the Photograph/Video Release Terms. Please indicate your understanding of the rules and agreement to the terms below.